Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Who can be a PTA member?

Anyone can! Besides parents and teachers, students, relatives, neighbors, friends can all become a member of our local PTA.

Do I have to volunteer if I’m a PTA member?

No. But parents can help out in so many different ways outside of school which can be of great benefit to our community.

Do I have to go to meetings?

No. Meetings are an optional, but an important right and privilege of PTA membership. It is a place for parents to learn and ask questions about about school issues and events. The Principal will usually give an update, and answer parent questions/concerns. Guest speakers on important topics may be invited. We strongly encourage attendance so that you may be informed about upcoming events and issues, vote on PTA budget and leadership positions, as well as know about volunteer opportunities.

What does my membership fee support?

Your $10 membership fee supports our school’s PTA and portion also supports the National PTA ($2.25), California State PTA ($2), First District ($0.75) and Pasadena Council ($0.35). All these organizations provide materials and publications, support PTA training, advocate for legislation to improve the welfare of children and youth at their respective geographic level.

How do I get more involved?

We recommend you can get involved by:

    • Signing up for the Field PTA weekly email newsletter
    • Sending a note to our PTA president letting us know you want to be involved
    • Signing up for a Field PTA membership
    • Showing up to the Association meetings (see calendar here)
    • Volunteering to help for a specific event or committee